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Let’s join our exclusive online tour, during which we will present the outstanding features of our brand new software - Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery. Every two weeks on the webinar you will receive a new portion of knowledge about protecting specific elements of your IT infrastructure...

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ONE like All-in-ONE - protect ALL endpoints, servers, Microsoft 365, git, and virtual machines with ONE software. Sign up for the webinars you are interested in and discover new, ground-breaking features of Xopero ONE, which will allow you to effectively secure any IT infrastructure in just a few minutes.

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July 21st, 10 AM or 4 PM CEST

Xopero ONE - endpoint backup

Discover a new quality in endpoint security. Sign up for the inaugural webinar and join us on the Xopero ONE Online Tour at the very beginning.


Michał Wypchło

August 4th, 10 AM or 4 PM CEST

Xopero ONE - Microsoft Office 365 Backup #1

See for yourself how Xopero ONE will allow you to eliminate the risk of Microsoft 365 data loss and provide you with constant protection and control.


Bartosz Jurga

Michał Wypchło

August 18th, 10 AM or 4 PM CEST

Xopero ONE - server backup

Enterprise-class data protection doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Get to know better our reliable server backup and secure even the most complex physical infrastructure.


Bartosz Jurga

Michał Wypchło

September 1st, 10 AM or 4 PM CEST

GitProtect.io by Xopero ONE

Back up GitHub or Bitbucket repositories and metadata and never lose access to your source code and Intellectual Property
- your company’s biggest value.


Bartosz Jurga

Michał Wypchło

September 15th, 10 AM or 4 PM CEST

Xopero ONE - VMware backup

Virtualization should improve IT processes - its backup cannot be complicated. Simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability - that's in short our brand new Xopero ONE for VMware.


Bartosz Jurga

Michał Wypchło

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Bartosz Jurga

Michał Wypchło




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